The knife is made of space-age technology

Do you know who Fiona Staples is? Webster’s Dictionary defines Staples as… no, wait! Fiona is a professional comic book artist with a tonne of talent compacted into a petite frame. Just like staples.

I know Fiona because she originates from Calgary and since I hail from Edmonton, we are regional rivals who must constantly battle… like oil and fire.

Fiona and her brother, Patrick, work on a webcomic titled: Teens in Love in Space

I decided to try my hand at drawing Ace, a lithe teenage girl with moxy. Check out TiLiS for more alien-knife-fighting good times.

Ace belongs to Fiona Staples and Patrick Staples.
Drawing done with permission.

I love getting fan art. It’s wonderful to see that someone has dedicated their time and effort out of their busy schedule and made something special. If you’d like to submit some Legendary Woodsman art, please contact me.