Photo by Aleysha Sury

Hi! I’m Tony Esteves. You may know me from the comic Cigarro & Cerveja which I wrote and drew for 10 years.

I love comics. I’ve always been a casual reader of comics for as long as I can remember, but I officially became a fanatic at 10 years old. I asked my dad to buy me a comic book from the spinner rack at the pharmacy and I got hooked on the West Coast Avengers, the Invincible Iron Man, and the Spectacular Spider-man. Week after week, another book would be added to my collection.

Creating comics became my passion when I drew my first 4-page comic short story in high school. In university, I drew comic strips for the school paper as a way to express myself . When people started posting comics on the interwebs, I was on board.

I want to be a professional amateur. I mean “amateur” from its origin “lover”… in that I love comics… and, yeah, I’d like it to be my profession as well as my labour of love.