I know I must be getting old. I never used to listen to song lyrics unless I wanted to sing along… and now I’m listening to them to only feel disappointed.

I’m not talking about music written by a 13-year-old where the lyrics are much too literal to be poetic or musical… I’m talking about rhyming. I never noticed this before, but there appears to be some music where the rhymes are:
a) So creative they may not even be considered rhymes, or
b) Not creative at all.

Under category a)
Instead of rhyming “steal” with “deal” or “wheel” – musicians are rhyming “steal” with “fell” or “still.”

They may be adjacent vowel sounds… and maybe it makes more sense in the narrative of the song to take liberties with the rhyme… but could they at least try?

Under category b)
Did you know that “floor” rhymes with “more”? And according to JLo’s new dance hit of 2011, it also rhymes with “floor” and “floor” and “floor” and “floor.”

When Ke$ha’s song rhymes “floor” with “for” and “more” and “door,” you may be led to believe that Ke$ha is a musical genius. And as true as that may be, I still believe more can be done.

Maybe I’m being too negative… there is a positive side to all of this:
More songs about oranges.