I entered in the Comic Book Diner Big Art Contest and was fortunate enough to be a runner-up. My congratulations go out to grand prize winner, Jason Brashier, and fellow runner-up, Nick Cedillos. Part of the contest involves photographing scenes of drawing the comic in a diner. I’m not exactly photogenic but I’m stepping outside of my comfort zone and making an effort. The following are the photographs chronicling my entry:

Tony concentrating as he lays down some blue lines.

The meal has arrived.

This mess of a plate is what I affectionately call “the usual.” I don’t know what it is about this combination that I never grow tired of. It’s comfortable and enigmatic, at the same time.

Back to drawing.

Tony holding up the finished piece.

Hobocop teaching a valuable lesson.

The great thing about Hobocop is that he is half-hobo and half-Robocop.

I had a lot of fun drawing this… and I feel strange saying it because I’m saying that a lot lately. It was great seeing the waitress’s reaction when I asked for the activity sheet and the comments whenever I’d get a refill. I would draw in a diner more often if I wasn’t worried about getting ketchup stains on the art.