Diving for cover

This week’s F3 features Mike Maihack’s Cleopatra in Space. Cleo has that great old-skool sci-fi feel of Lost in Space with an all-ages, family friendly story.

It was fun drawing Cleo and I wonder if Mike an I share a few influences. I see a lot of Bruce Timm in Cleo. I really love Mike’s colours. His pallet choices are fantastic and are so vibrant. I was using the eye-dropper in Photoshop and getting spooked at how drastic the colours are.

Do yourself a favour and check out Mike’s other work.


Cleopatra in Space belongs to Mike Maihack.
Drawing done with permission.

I love getting fan art. It’s wonderful to see that someone has dedicated their time and effort out of their busy schedule and made something special. If you’d like to submit some Legendary Woodsman art, please contact me.