Badge of Honour

I would love the honour of being bestowed the Order of Canada. The way I understand it, it’s the Canadian equivalent to a knighthood. That is serious business right there.

The only downside is that it’s often given to people with a lifetime of achievement under their belt and I’m still fairly young. I was hoping to be knighted while I was still young enough to commission a suit of armour to be made to fit. I think I would cut a dashing figure in a sterling plated suit, with my badge proudly displayed over my heart. I would re-enact scenes from Don Quixote and charge after giants… because Quixote had it right.

Life is what you make of it. If it’s full of dreams, then dream big. If it’s full of love, use all of your heart. If it’s full of pride, do your best and create that which you can be proud of… and soon you will have a lifetime of achievements.

But how sad would I look as an old man waiting for the Order of Canada. Pretty sad, indeed.

For a consolation, I will gladly accept a Shuster.