I’m not a big fan of sleeping. Sleeping eats up chunks of my life and leaves me with less time to do what I’d like to do. I only seem to really like sleep once a day… when I’m supposed to wake up.

When I’m waking up, I always gain a new found appreciation for sleep. The bed is perfectly comfortable, my blankets are the right temperature, and I’m in the middle of great dream that is being rudely interrupted. But too much sleep has its down side too. If I wake up too late, I’ll miss the good cartoons on TV. That ain’t cool.

So, I’ve worked out the perfect time to sleep in until: eleven in the a.m.. Do you know people who say they’ve slept in when they wake up at eight in the morning? Yeah, I hate them too. Eleven o’clock is late enough that people won’t scoff when you say, “I’ve slept in” – and it’s early enough that people can’t make you feel guilty when you wake up and say, “good morning.”

It’s a little early for lunch but a perfect time to skip breakfast and go straight to a hearty brunch. And you have the whole afternoon to goof around.

Eleven is the perfect time to wake up… too bad there’s never a right time to go to bed.