Snake Eyes

I’m not sure how to begin. This is a challenging post for me…

Um… when I was a little kid, I played with G.I.Joe action figures. On Christmas and on birthdays, I would get the vehicle sets; but on the weekends I would try to convince my dad to buy me a figure. If I was successful, we would head over to the Consumers Distributing and hope that the figure was in stock. Sometimes, they would bring out an alternate figure if the one I chose was out of stock.

One of my first G.I.Joes was Snake Eyes and he was my favourite character. He inspired my fondness of ninja and the rivalry between he and Storm Shadow were the focus of many play-dates.

I have grown up and strayed away from G.I.Joe except now there’s a great new show called G.I.Joe Renegades and I’m loving it. So for today’s post, I’m featuring the new and improved Snake Eyes.

The part that makes this difficult is that the artist who created this new design, Clement Sauvé, passed away yesterday from cancer. The coincidence in the timing is freaking me out a little and I’m a bit concerned that this post will be seen as inappropriate.

I regret never meeting Clement and seeing more of his fantastic talent. My condolences to his family and friends. May he rest in peace.


Snake Eyes belongs to Hasbro.

I love getting fan art. It’s wonderful to see that someone has dedicated their time and effort out of their busy schedule and made something special. If you’d like to submit some Legendary Woodsman art, please contact me.