Why do I make things so difficult for myself?

Take sorting socks, for example. Instead of buying multiple pairs of the same pair of socks, I go and buy slightly different variations of slightly different socks. Why do I do this? For variety.

Why do I need variety on an item of clothing that is always covered up by shoes when I’m in public? It’s not as though they are especially noteworthy to receive compliments. “Are you wearing new socks?” Is never a question I hear.

But I do it anyway and on any given day I’ll find myself wearing a black sock and a navy blue sock because the light was dim and the blue sock looked black. And I’ll get a little angry at myself even though the chances of anyone else noticing are incredibly slim. And so I spend an extra 15 minutes sorting socks.

Trying to learn from previous mistakes.

I do it because its easier not to… and I like to make things difficult for myself.