Hey there!

So, I figure that on Fridays I should post some artwork that I do on my spare time here on the blog. I mean, where else would I put it? And one of the aspects of art that I find challenging is costume design.

I check out Project: Rooftop for the talented contributions and take notes. I’d really like to tackle some of the great re-designs. P:R was also how I was introduced to the awesome-sauce that is Nuno Plati.

Strike a pose

Here’s my attempt to capture Nuno Plati’s fantastic costume design for Cyclops. It’s not as elegant as Nuno’s style, of course (image on the right links to his blog)… but the fun is in the attempt.

I love how the cowl is integrated with the visor and the X on the shoulder is composed of negative-space. The running shoes suggest that Cyclops could be an Olympic runner and the whole ensemble is ultra aerodynamic (I can’t believe I wrote “ensemble”).

When I draw it, I feel like Scott Summers needs some trunks.


Cyclops belongs to Marvel Comics.
Drawing of redesign done with permission.