A few years back, I experienced workplace bullying. At first, I didn’t even know how to identify it. I knew that I felt isolated and confused. Even while doing the best that I could do with the resources that I had, I was repeatedly threatened that I could lose my job. I wasn’t invited to job-related meetings and was denied helpful information. I wasn’t reaching a manager’s undefined expectations and he made everyone else know how bad of a job I was doing to my face and behind my back. I went online and searched “dealing with a difficult manager” and found an article that indicated that these were signs of workplace bullying.


While I was seeking help, it occurred to me that maybe I could do something to prevent bullying – that I could be an anti-bullying advocate. If I could take my talents and utilize them toward the benefit of an anti-bullying organization, future generations wouldn’t have the toxic culture of bullying that I had to endure.


I was amazed by the number of anti-bullying resources that exist and that each of the organizations have taken a different approach to tackle the issue:

  • ending gender discrimination
  • ending racism
  • ending hate
  • preventing bullying in sports
  • bully reporting
  • suicide prevention
  • preventing cyber-bullying
  • campaigns made in honour of a bullied victim
  • promoting positivity
  • scholarships for kids who create anti-bullying initiatives
  • positive parenting blogs
  • teaching resiliency and coping skills
  • productive education blogs
  • empathy training
  • promoting respect in the workplace
  • promoting self-advocacy
  • anti-bullying initiatives by country, province/state, region
  • raising awareness of the negative effects of bullying

My goal for 2014 is to help out the anti-bullying organizations in whatever modest way that I can as well as documenting my thoughts on the subject in the blog. I know that bullying can be kind of a dour subject and I don’t really intend on bumming everyone out so I promise to throw in some humor or good-natured snark every once in a while.

The Legendary Woodsman comic is about Gabby training to become a hero. While she is receiving guidance and struggling with some of the obstacles in her way to reaching her potential, we all face obstacles of our own. There’s nothing saying that we can’t be heroes in our own right, all we need is a little guidance.