Before we left the Manga Museum, my wife was purchasing some decorative Totoro towels and struck up a conversation with the cashier.

Cashier: Oh. Totoro is very cute.
Kat: Yes. Totoro is my favorite. We’re going to the Ghibli Museum.
Cashier: Did you buy tickets already?
Kat: … no. Don’t we buy the tickets at the door?

No. This was the first that we heard that you had to buy tickets beforehand for the Ghibli Museum through an electronic kiosk at any Lawson convenience store. Luckily, an English speaking convenience store clerk helped us with our ticket purchase and we were set.

IMG_1215The Ghibli Museum was one of the most incredible experiences I ever undertook. It is a visual masterpiece. That an artist’s imagination can be realized in physical architectural form and so well curated. We watched an amazing animation short with so much delight and charm, walked up narrow steps and through alien gardens. If you are a fan of the Ghibli movies, I highly recommend that you visit the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka.


Be careful when you are in the gift shop. It is a mad house!