There’s just something about their laissez faire attitude, their willingness to take risks, their disregard for how their actions affect others… you can’t help but admire them. A book that I’ve just read also mentions that it’s that admiration that allows them to hold so much influence over others. If you want something to become popular, you get a bad boy to promote it. The dilemma that I’m faced with is: how do I promote something that is innately good? Especially since it appears to be the opposite of what a bad boy would do.

If your promoting environmentalism, let’s take Captain Planet for example. He is pretty hokey and bland… caring about the environment is essentially nerdy. But if Captain Planet had an extra-marital affair and is a recovering alcoholic, you might get some folks recycling.

It just… How do you get a positive cultural result by mixing in sour with the sweet? Do you try to get people to do good or do you focus on getting the good to keep doing?