I was raised to never throw anything useful out. That’s right, I was raised to be a hoarder. It was easier when I lived with my parents and they had a huge unfinished basement that you could pile everything in- but I live in a small condo now and space is at a premium.

I’m currently re-evaluating everything that I have. Have I used it in the last 5 years? Do I see myself using it in the next 5? Out it goes.

But now I’m looking for a stupid little cloth pouch. The kind that you would store your mystic gems in when you go on a quest or your 20-sided dice for emergency rolls. I’m worried that since I haven’t been to Narnia lately that I may have thrown the pouch out. But now that I bought a car charger for my phone that pouch would have come in real useful. It could insulate the charger from the cold winter climate while keeping it neatly stowed away

I guess I’ll just have to use this origami box I made in junior high instead. Waste not, want not.