Swords and Sorcery

For this week’s Fan Fun Friday, I drew Conan the Barbarian. I’m really looking forward to the movie. Jason Momoa was great in Stargate: Atlantis as Ronon and Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones, so he’s already got the chops for everyone’s favourite Cimmerian. I wanted to draw Conan muscular but also sinewy because it’s really easy to go over the top and Hulk him out. I also twisted him around in mid-swing to get some practice in.

Conan was created by Robert E. Howard and is either public domain or belongs to Paradox Entertainment.

I love getting fan art. It’s wonderful to see that someone has dedicated their time and effort out of their busy schedule and made something special. If you’d like to submit some Legendary Woodsman art, please contact me.