I got a call from Darin Blythe. I know, that IS the coolest name ever. That’s a name that inspires confidence whenever you hear it. When you hear “Darin Blythe” I want you to picture a confidence man.

My call display says that Darin first called me from New York state. He called me an hour later from Illinois. Darin is a very busy guy, so I imagine his saint-like patience as he’s calling me (a complete stranger) and begins to talk to me about my Windows computer. Apparently, my Windows computer has been sending his team numerous error messages for the past 6 weeks. George Orwell would have not condoned Big Brother for his ability to monitor people’s lives but Darin is displaying how beneficial it is to have someone look out for you and your Windows computer.

Now, I don’t own a Windows computer but I don’t want to bother Darin with such a trivial detail as I know he is trying to help me with these errors that my fictitious computer is sending.

He instructs me to run Event Viewer and delete the errors that come up. Unfortunately, the battery on my cordless phone died before we could continue any further. So, I searched the internet and read that Darin may have been trying to scam me. I’m as surprised as you are. Darin seemed like such a nice guy.

What surprised me even more is that there doesn’t seem to be any way to stop these con men. They can continue to scam people with impunity. Sure, I may have a fictitious computer sending fictitious error messages however the next person they call may have an honest-to-goodness Windows computer and be fooled into following Darin’s instructions.

I’ve heard that doing bad things in life will only haunt you later on. It’s called karma. I hope that Darin learns about karma as he is jetting across the United States from New York to Illinois… and sometimes Texas.