It’s too bad we haven’t perfected time travel. Sure, we got this moving forward in time aced… but it’s a little slow and I’d like to go back every once in a while.

Perfecting time travel should be our next “space race.” Space was fun, but out of the space-time-continuum, I like time a little better. And we focus on it so much too, we could be experts. We got the time on our TVs, VCR/DVD players, computers, phones. We hang the time on our wall, and cook with it on our microwave ovens. Once we put time on our wrists (supposedly, some people still do) so we should really get this time travel ball rolling.

Time is one of those infinite things that feel so limited. I guess I’m not really running out of time, there will always be more time. It’s just so important to get things done on time in a timely manner because if I don’t, people won’t give me the time of day… and I want the time of day.

I don’t even know why I want the time of day, I’m really more of a night person. I guess it all stems back to that day in grade one when little Lisa called me some name that 6-year-olds tend to do and I felt really bad. There’s just that desire to be acknowledged and accepted by my peers. I wish it could be different and I could do it all over again. It’s too bad we haven’t perfected time travel.