It’s difficult for me to figure out. I’m always a bit more shocked than anything else. I have a hard time understanding how some people appear to lack empathy or behave is such a hypocritical manner. How is it that some people can lecture others and not heed their own advice? If they’re successful individuals, is the advice that they give a Machiavellian tactic to misdirect others?

But under close scrutiny, these people are open and honest and display a great amount of integrity. This has lead me to a theory:
These individuals strongly believe in the double standard.

So if the world is a cornucopia and its people are fruit, you’re left with those people who are apples and those who are oranges. And as the saying goes, “You can’t compare apples to oranges.”

I can begin to understand that the things I see happen aren’t done out of malice but more out of ignorance or indifference. If someone decides to treat someone poorly because of a difference, it’s because they failed to reflect on their similarities. It irritates me because I would love to put our differences aside and see people treated fairly and equally. I understand that the differences do exist and may always exist but I would rather meet on common ground rather than see people treated like outsiders.

How much potential is squandered because of our differences? Hope much hope is lost because you can’t compare apples to oranges?