Do you know someone who tells the same story over-and-over again? Sometimes you let them finish because maybe this time it will end differently. Can you quote this someone?

Well, I am not that someone.

You might think that’s great because you get tired of hearing the same story repeatedly- but it’s actually a little sad. I don’t know why I don’t do it. I sometimes feel it’s out of consideration. I don’t want to be a nuisance and sound like a broken record.

A lot of the times it’s because I got it out of my system. I told somebody once and it’s done. Opportunities to celebrate are missed because… meh. I can’t tell you how many times I’m driving on the road and I think of something I could post on twitter but when I get to my destination the feeling passes and I just move on with my day. And I’m talking about monumental ideas! Life changers! But I’m selfish and will keep it to myself. Only-child syndrome, I suppose.

And sometimes it’s the desire to be original. That topic that people have harped on about… let’s change the subject. Did I mention this before? Maybe I should come up with something new – something different.

Even if it just feels familiar, I’ll want to move away from the theme. I’ll avoid making Aqualad codpiece puns because someone else may think of it (and partially because it’s in poor-taste). Please have the last sentence stricken from the record. It’s a pretty obvious joke if you think about it. Stop thinking about it.

I really should begin repeating myself. Sometimes things are so awesome that the opportunity should not be missed. It’s possible that you missed it the first time anyway. So when I was going to write about my highschool dance I didn’t have to change the theme to discuss repeating myself. Unless, of course, you’ve heard it already.

I wouldn’t want to be inconsiderate.