A while back, I was talking to my friends and somehow I mentioned the old trick of balancing a soda pop can on an angle and my friends had no idea what I was talking about. I was surprised because I learned this trick back in school and I thought everyone knew about this since all knowledge is passed down through the playgrounds. With it being the future times, now, I suppose all knowledge is on the interweb… so here’s my blog post about the old soda pop can trick:


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The science (or magic… whatever your preference) behind it is that there is still some liquid in the can but not too much or too little that the can will want to rest on its bottom or on its side. You need the Goldilocks amount… the amount that is “just right.”

let's pretend you have x-ray vision

I was taught to drink a little, carefully try out the balance, if there is still too much, drink a little more. But be careful, if there’s not enough in there to weigh it down, it won’t work either. I’ve read on some sites that 100mL will do it for you.

And now you know how to do this trick on purpose, all those times you did it by accident don’t count.