That’s the threat that constantly pops up on the web. The ultimate in conditional friendship and followship. If you do a pet peeve of mine, there will be the consequence of anti-social-media.

If you invite me to a party in a city I don’t live in, I will unfriend you.

If you @ my name when you’re not talking to me – you’re just talking about me – I will unfollow you.

I have too many friends, I’m gonna have to pare it down to only those that I really like. If you are still my friend, consider yourself lucky.

If you send auto tweets, I will unfollow you.

Look. I understand that certain aspects of the social media can be annoying. People who want to have conversations don’t enjoy robo-updates and sometimes you get caught up in the frenzy of adding friends that you eventually have a huge list of people that you have nothing in common with. Unfriending or unfollowing is your prerogative… but do you have to update your status to declare it?

It just reminds me of when I was online dating and I would read profiles where all the items they weren’t looking for were listed.

Online dating is hard.

Instead of trying to find common ground they only listed pet peeves. Do they like comedies? Italian food? Long walks on the beach? Who knows??? I can tell you what they don’t like… and even if I might be someone they could get along with… there’s that chance that I won’t make the cut. They seem pretty discriminating.

If you want to unfollow me or unfriend me… that’s cool. Just don’t tweet it or update your status declaring it! I’m powerless to do anything about it and it isn’t particularly interesting…

If you do, I might just unfriend/unfollow you.  ;o)