Have you heard about Google+? Well, it’s the new social networking site that appears to be a hybrid of Facebook, where you share stuff with your friends and stalk your exes, and Twitter, where you can share and follow the world. It’s the combination of exclusive and inclusive content. I’ve already started adding people to my “circles.” Some of the circles overlap, so I have some imaginary Venn diagrams going on, and it’s pretty neat how the photos on there are larger than on Facebook.

The rough part is that not too many folks are “at the party” just yet. This is my highschool dance all over again. Some folks are afraid of taking the initiative because it might end up not panning out to be anything worth while… but it can only be worth while if you take the initiative. That may actually be a lesson of life in general.

I’m afraid that I may be spreading myself a bit thin in the social networking field if more sites pop up. I’m fairly comfortable on Facebook, where I comment on my friend’s posts and wish them a happy birthday. I’m an amateur on Twitter, where I follow people having conversations with each other and awkwardly chime in… maybe. And now Google+ is another animal altogether.

Time will only tell.